The Easiest Way To Pull The Skin Off Baby Back Ribs!

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If You’re Not Pullin The Silver Skin Off Your Baby Back Ribs Like This, You’re Workin To Hard!



This process is not difficult at all, in fact it’s really very simple! Things you’ll need to pull this off:

Butter knife, Paper towels

The process:

The first thing I do is take the baby back ribs out of the package and dry em off with paper towels. Nope, I do not wash em after takin em out of the package. Once they’re dry, I take the butter knife and start in the center of one side of the ribs and pull the silver skin up so I can get my finger under it. Once I can git my finger under it I start pullin it up and workin my finger underneath all the way through to the other side. About half way through I put another finger in and work it around under the skin as well. Once you git two fingers all the way through, grab the side of the rib meat that you have your fingers in and pull the skin straight up while pushing down on the meat with the other hand.

That’s it, you just pulled the silver skin off your baby back ribs using the easiest method possible! This process will not work on St Louis style ribs cause the silver skin is much thinner than baby back silver skin.

This will save you a hell of a lot of time and aggravation… Enjoy my friends!

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